Class Descriptions


Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination. We offer age/leveledclasses

for preschoolers & up and upon mastery of certain skills, a student will be eligible to advance to the next level



An artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures. We offer 45-minute & 60-minute ballet classes for Kindergarten & Up.


Cheer Prep

Our cheer class gets the future cheerleader ready for all aspects of cheerleading. Learn and master all cheerleading jumps, arm positions, dance moves, half time dance, all with a focus on cheer. We also introduce to our cheerleaders and progress as class seems fit into partner and group stunt work (with all stunt work practices held on foam mats and with adult supervision). For information on our Competitive Cheer Team, please see TEAMS on the following page.

Combo Class

Our Combo classes consist of tap and jazz in a 45 minute class and is for K-6th grade dancers.


Commercial Dance NEW!!

Commercial Dance is a class where the dancers will be learning new dances every 4-6 weeks and then creating a music video at the direction of our choreographer. Commercial dance allows a dancer to expresses personal emotion and passion from within the dancer interpreting both the music and words. This classes teaches fundamental jazz steps and combines the elements of hip hop moves and contemporary music. This is a super fun class that encourages self-expression, individuality, and artistic freedom! No previous dance experience necessary. You will be sent a copy of the video upon the completion of each video to post all over social media with!


Contemporary dance combines the strong and controlled legwork of ballet with modern dance’s stress on the torso, and also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance. We offer 45-minute contemporary classes for all dancers.



Street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. Students will

be exposed to a variety of hip-hop styles including street, house, flow, pop & lock, break, and freestyle.


Improvisation (Improv)

In Improv students learn how to challenge their artistry by exploring new ways to move through space. This class goes hand in hand for the student that wants to gain more experience in the Contemporary dance realm and is perfect for the dancer who is interested in learning how to choreograph. This is a great class to help take the dancer to the next level!


Isolations, a low center of gravity, and high level of energy are important identifying characteristics of jazz dance.



Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Lyrical

dancing is performed to music with lyrics to inspire movements to express strong emotions.

Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre class is a 45minute song and dance styling class geared towards the student who wishes to gain

confidence and the skills to sing while dancing and vice versa. Song selections will run the gamut of music genres but

with an emphasis on broadway show tune classics!


Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion.

We offer 45-minute tap classes for Kindergarten & up.

Turns & Technique

This class is a supplemental class focused on improving jazz technique. There is no recital dance for technique classes.

We offer technique classes for 1st graders & up